Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some Basic DV Camcorders

I've compiled a list of some basic dv camcorders that you might find useful. Check it out:

Panasonic NV-DS 15

Optical and digital zoom, manual focal dial, 11 recording digital effects, takes digital photos, zoom microphone, night vision mode, super image stabilizer, LCD monitor, Fire Wire out, external microphone input and headphones.

JVC GR-DVL20, DVL—30 and DVL—40

Three levels of camcorder with large LCD monitors, optical zoom, high picture quality, snap shot mode. On the negative side, there are no external headphone or mic sockets. The camera body is also not the best quality for rugged filming work

Samsung VP-D55/65

Two levels of camcorder, slightly different in features. Optical and digital zoom. Average 2.5 inch LCD monitor. DV output socket, while the D65 has output and input.


A consumer-level camcorder with optical and digital zoom, 800 000-pixel CCD, digital snapshot mode, built-in lamp. This model features a High-Resolution Amorphous Silicon LCD Color Monitor and provides high quality picture and sound with DV format and PCM audio. Easyedit editing program bundled with it, digital effects, DV out socket, no DV in.


Slightly better than JVC’s DVL 100, it has almost identical functions but includes a DV input socket. Also has good manual control. On the negative side, it has no input for external mics or headphones, while the built-in mic is poor (as most tend to be at this level).

Panasonic NV-DS150

A step up from Panasonic’s entry-level DS-15, it has similar features but offers better value for money with the inclusion of a DV input socket. Features include 2.5" Smart-Turn LCD monitor with 112,000 pixels for a brilliant picture with stunning detail, 20x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom, 800,000 pixel CCD for excellent recorded picture quality.

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