Monday, February 18, 2008

Online Video Using iWeb and Final Cut Pro

If you have a .Mac account you can put a video from Final Cut Pro online with iWeb in a few steps. This is a great way to allow a client to preview a video without much effort. Making the site secure for only the client to be able to view the page is as simple as setting a login and password in iWeb before publishing.

To prepare a video for iWeb with Final Cut Pro, use the Quicktime Conversion Export option in Final Cut Pro. Selecting the iPhone Format option will compress the video to a 480x360 mpeg4 movie. The other preset mpeg4 format option in the Quicktime conversion is the iPod seting, which will output a 640x480 mpeg4 movie. Both of these options will produce an iWeb compatible video.

Starting a New Site with a blank page and dragging the MPEG4 video on the page is essentially all you need to do. It is very typical that you will get a warning saying that the file is too large, but I have yet to not be able to upload a video. There are a few minor options like adding the password protection that you can do, but for the most part all you have to do is publish the site to your .Mac account. If you intend on leaving the page up for a while you can set a domain to point to the .Mac link.

Source: GeniusDV

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Austin Bags Top Spot for Moviemaking

Austin was named No. 1 on the "Top Ten U.S. Cities to Live and Make Movies" by MovieMaker magazine.

"Austin is the prime example of a Texas city that has caught onto a deceptively simple tactic not always employed in many other cities or states or within the film industry in general: cooperation,"
says MovieMaker.

Austin has ranked among the top three cities on the list for seven consecutive years. One reason the state earned the top slot was because of its statewide incentive program that provides rebates for filming in Texas. Additionally, the magazine praised the Austin Film Commission's new "Now Playing: Cast and Crew Bonus Features" discount program, which gives film crews discounts at local businesses.

The magazine also said that the Lone Star State's geography, broad industry infrastructure and film-friendliness also made it a desirable film locale.

"Austin is back on top of the MovieMaker rankings - an award that is well deserved. We have long been considered a film friendly city, and the industry here has worked hard to get the word out," says Gary Bond of the Austin Film Commission. "
The support of city government and local professionals including the Austin Film Festival, Austin Film Society, Austin Studios and South by Southwest are crucial to our success as a film hub. Our golden reputation is furthered by the city's progressive culture, hip reputation and the fact that [Robert] Rodriguez and [Richard] Linklater, along with a few other notable celebrities, call Austin home."

In the past year, Austin has hosted the production of dozens of films and television shows, including "Grind House," "Teeth" and "Friday Night Lights."

Source: BizJournal