Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summary of the filmmaking business



There are three main stages of the filmmaking business process: production, distribution and exhibition.

1. Production involves the following:

  • finance: a producer seeks to find investors and financial backing for a film package;
  • preproduction: includes research, planning, budgeting, hiring director and crew, casting, finding locations, scripting and storyboarding;
  • production: shooting the film;
  • postproduction: editing, sound design, sound editing and dubbing, special effects and graphics

2. Distribution: the distribution, marketing, advertising, promoting an classification of the film.

3. Exhibition: exposing the film to the audience, whether it is in a one-screen, multiplex, multi-screen or art-house cinema; also includes reviewing and criticism.


Production Film School said...

You know I've been thinking a lot about how the industry is and how its apparent that little to no people are following it on the internet.

Don't get me wrong I've seen some great stuff, but I've also seen stuff where the idea is GREAT but the production value is poor.

Just one of those things I guess, I hope it'll change one day!

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Thanks for the overview regarding the film making business. I think this would be a great starting point for anyone who may have an interest regarding making movies and films either as a hobby or as a job.

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Definitely, these are the main three stages of film making business. I think all have same importance. As we know production is main things and it is covered various process in film making.

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