Friday, January 15, 2010

What would a filmmaker buy

... If he had an unlimited loan, a good big amount that lets you buy anything you want? Emergency loans are not easy to come by, and you really only get what you need, not what you want. Here's a list of ten things I would want to buy if I had an unlimited loan with a decent payback interest rate:

1. ARRI 35mm camera - the latest one!

2. Stock film - at least 10 hours- for the above camera so I can shoot/get the movie shot by a professional DP. My first 35 mm film.

3. AVID Media Composer (latest version) - the best suite yet for editing films, what else.

4. Apple iMac with the latest Final Cut Pro bundle. Best for editing digital video.

5. Final Draft software - for help in formatting scripts and screenplays!

6. Filmmaking books - a list of my recommended filmmaking books is already there on this blog's sidebar (on the right).

7. Adobe Production premium - to have Adobe's brilliant editing, compositing and image editing software on my laptop .

8. Adobe Dreamweaver software with tutorial pack to help design my own proper website.

9. Various 35mm Lenses and filters for the camera mentioned in pont no. 1

10. A studio cabin where I can fit in most of this stuff!!

Thats all folks, tell me your top 10 list.