Sunday, April 01, 2007

HD Filmmaking is the future

I'd like to put down a contribution from Mr Suresh in the "Orkut community" on Digital Filmmaking. The topic of discussion was - Digital Filmmaking is the future. I liked what Mr Suresh contributed and here I am putting it down for you to read:

"Hi, saw this interesting discussion and wanted to contribute. Just worked on HD for a full length feature film in Malayalam - Abraham&Lincoln - released on 22nd, reportedly running to packed houses still. It was shot on HD and HDV (progressive frame) and then reverse telecined onto film. Atleast 50% of the so-called seasoned experts failed to realize that it was shot on HDV, which I feel is a big big victory. Progressive frame is great, interlaced though is yet to catch up. The movie is also a first in HD in cinemascope.

Qube and UFO are there too for projection, which further brings down the overall film production budget. The clarity is also superior to film (as reverse telecined) as one level of generation loss is avoided totally.

HDV Progressive IS THE FUTURE."

If professionals couldn't recognise the difference between digital and film - then ye low budget indiers have a bright future for sure!


Anonymous said...

ts true but the best digitalfilms are make in betacam and betacam its very expensive tham minidv, I have I doubt on the quality of minidv. it will be that it has quality sufuciente to make a long one.

Terwilliger said...

Our film was the first film shot in high def. Our next film is in pre-production now using Sony's newest CineAlta High Def camera in 4/4/4.

Here's our story:

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Tony Briant
“One Six Right”

Martin said...

Once advantage that film has is its unrivalled archival capabilities. You can still play 100 year old film in good quality (and, hey, even trasfer it to 4k if you want to).

Try getting someone to transfer a 30 year old 1/4 tape...

That said, I think that HD has become a lot more viable with the arrival of Red, and it's effects on Sony/Panasonic. The future certainly is amazing - but I believe that there will always be films made on film; it just depends on which sort of story you want to tell.

TJLoop85 said...

Filmmaking has definitely come a long way from when it was first discovered. I cannot wait to see what kind of technology develops over the next 20-30 years. It's definitely going to be an exciting time.

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