Thursday, February 08, 2007

Preparing for My Student Short Film

Hello Readers of DFB. I apologise for the irregular posting I've had to resort to these days. Since its the final semester of my filmmaking course, life is at its busiest and most hectic phase.

We are 8 students in one batch, and all of us would be given the opportunity to conceptualize and direct a short film of upto 30 mins on DV, but provided that we submit our proposal (that includes idea, synopsis, step outline, screenplay, and shot breakdown) by the February 15th, and I'm racing against time to complete all formalities.

I will post more about my short film once I submit the proposal. I'm quite confident that it will be approved and cleared for shooting. The actual production will take place some time in mid-March, and I'm already getting the goosebumps!

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Phoenix said...


at iitd, i am working towards organizing a workshop on animation n digital filmmaking...25th feb sunday 1200 hours. during our tech fest. Wanna come?