Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shooting a Music Video - An Experience

My experience of shooting a music video summed up in a paragraph.

Everything is rythm. Forget about space and continuity! Get a decent looking performer/actor as the main subject of your video. Do some good framing and composition, a nice theme for your video which can be connected to its music, good choreography, and then all the job is at the editing table. Just cut in rythm, according to the beats of the music. Put in dissolves and fades wherever they look good, or wherever you have bad footage. I found shooting a music video to be quite an easy excercise after all when compared to directing a fiction film.

Let me know if I'm wrong or missed any points.

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Marcus Sonsteby said...


It's all about rhythm first. Everything should compliment the rhythm.

A story can help to make the music video more effective, but isn't always necessary.