Friday, December 29, 2006

Must Have Equipment for Shooting a Film/Video

For shooting a digital film, you will need the following equipment on your location or sets:

  • Camcorder.
  • Power Supplies. Batteries or main connection cables.
  • Video Tapes. Take four or five for a day's work, although it is unlikely that you will complete this much of shooting.
  • Camera Support. Take a Tripod and other camera accesories as required.
  • Microphones. A boom or shotgun mic should cover most situations, but take a unidirectional cardioid mic as well if you have one. A lavalier, clip-on mic will help with close-ups, or if you want to exclude other noises when recording dialogue.
  • Lights. If you only have one lamp, make sure its a powerful keylight such as a Redhead.
  • Monitor. If you want to be sure that the film you are shooting maintains the highest technical standards throughout, consider using a monitor, a small television hooked up to show what you are recording.

You can of course, carry a lot more stuff four your shooting according to your requirements. The things I have mentioned above are only the basic shooting equipment required.


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Sarthak K said...

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