Monday, December 04, 2006

Audio Tips for filmmakers

When you record audio, you’ll do well to keep in mind the following:

  • For large noisy sets, it’s best to use an external or wireless microphone to record dialogue. Remember: You want to record audio in the immediate proximity of actors, which means that if the camera is positioned far from the action, you’ll need to use remote microphone.

  • Plug headphones into the output jack on your camcorder and listen to the audio being recorded to determine if the levels are adequate. You should also be able to hear any interference or electrical hums that might not be noticeable without a headset.

  • Use the appropriate microphone. A lavaliere microphone is a clip-on recorder that should be placed at chest height on actors. A shotgun microphone can be used at a distance but you should always aim it at the primary speaker.
  • Always record several minutes of room tone—natural or ambient sounds of the quiet set at rest. This “clean noise” is frequently used in audio editing to fill long pauses in dialogue or to obscure annoying pops or hisses in the soundtrack.

If anyone has more audip tips they are most welcome to suggest it by commenting on this blog post. All other suggestions on digital filmmaking are most welcome.

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