Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to sell your film online

Selling your film online has now became easy, although it wasn't always like this till even a couple of years back. You had websites like Revver and Turnhere, which later became redundant.

However, there is something even better now, and its completely free. The best part is that its promoted by, which with its vast resources has helped many self publishers of ebooks to become millionaires.
I am talking about CreateSpace.

CreateSpace provides free tools to help you self-publish and distribute your books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads and MP3s on-demand. So whether you're a filmmaker, a musician or an author, createspace is one service you should definitely try to sell your films, music and books.

Let us talk about filmmaking here. What does Createspace offer for filmmakers? Quite a bit if you ask me. For starters, here's what their DVD publishing section says:
Bring your film to market with retail-ready DVDs. We faithfully reproduce your artwork in full-color and package your discs in Amaray-style cases.
Setting up your title with us ensures your DVD remains in stock, made on-demand when customers order.

Here's some more benefits they claim:
  • Your movie becomes eligible for listing on IMDb
  • Printed with full-color, full-bleed, customizable disc and cover artwork
  • Create custom DVD menu artwork
  • Free UPC is assigned if you do not already own one
The best part is that you can sell your DVD on and have your eStore on it. Set the list price and start earning royalties. You can also choose Amazon Video On Demand™ as a sales channel when setting up your title to turn your film into a download. Definitely worth a try for short film makers who find it difficult to find a distribution channel.

Click here to setup a free Createspace account and start selling your film


Adam said...

It seems to just be human nature to condemn any form of money making or creative compromise as 'selling your soul'.

Is it selling your soul to make, buy or sell stock footage for example? Creatively? Yes. Practically? Probably not.

stock video said...

Great post, thanks for sharing! It definitely is easier than ever before to get paid handsomely online for your video work including paid stock footage!

HAMEED khan said...

This INFORMATION is so nice so sweet,
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