Friday, June 24, 2011

Final Cut Pro X released

Apple has released Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of its professional video-editing software and one of the most popular programs for digital filmmaking.
Its actually been two days since FCP X was launched, and of course there’s been a strong buzz about it in the market. Video professionals were not only impressed with the new features, but with the new price too. Final Cut Pro X is available in the Mac App Store for $299.99. Compare that to 2009, when the fully loaded Final Cut Studio retailed for $999.99.

Final Cut Pro X is a big update for the powerful editing suite, in no small part because it is now (finally) built with 64-bit support. That means that the app will be able to take advantage of the additional memory space in Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the upcoming Mac OS X Lion.

Installing Final Cut Pro X
Since the only way to get Final Cut Pro X is through the Mac App Store, installation is easy: You just click "Buy" in the store, and the app's icon appears in your Finder, ready to run. You'll be able to install it on five Macs, and you receive updates automatically. The program requires at least a Core 2 Duo-based Mac running Snow Leopard, a decent video processor, 2.4GB of disk space, and 2GB RAM (4GB recommended).

The big new feature is called the Magnetic Timeline, which takes a trackless approach to editing. Like Adobe, Apple has also put a lot of effort into what it calls Content Auto-Analysis, which is another way of saying that the software uses meta-tags to better organize and import content, based on shot type, media format and other information.

Check out this video Apple released to show off the new features in Final Cut Pro X:


Joey said...

"Video professionals were not only impressed with the new features"

Really? I haven't read one positive review from a professional editor. What are your impressions?

YorkFilmSchool said...

It's a waste of technology that should be marketed to consumers not professionals. Its an IMovie upgrade NOT a final cut pro one. You can't open past Final cut pro files in Final cut pro X, you can't use 3rd party plug-ins like redgiant, it has crashing issues & filled with unchagable presets. This whole article is useless, avoid final cut pro X at ALL costs!

Jojoh said...

I think FCP X it's a great video editing program. I'm learning how to use it, but in some cases FCP X already gave me more agility to edit some videos. Now I use it as a color program as good as other program. I liked it, but I still have the Final Studio 7 and Avid Media Composer.

Congratulations for your Blog!

Tom said...

Seen a lot of people use this to edit our Free Video Clips and it appears to have been working well.