Monday, July 16, 2007

15 Must Have Softwares for Filmmakers

With all the pricey cameras and equipment, filmmaking isn't exactly a hobby that screams "cheap." Lucky for all you free stuff-loving geeks, there are some options available that can help you make the most of your creative impulses. Many shareware and freeware programs for film editing, screenwriting, sound editing and storyboarding are available for minimal or no cost on the Internet as alternatives to more expensive programs that might do damage to your budget. Here are a few freeware and shareware programs to help you save a few bucks and still make a film that can "wow".

Pre Production

1. ScreenPro [66KB | Shareware $10 |Win All] So you've got a great idea for a screenplay but aren't sure how to begin writing? ScreenPro is a formatting template for Microsoft Word that can help you with some of the finer points for organizing your screenplay, freeing your mind to concentrate on creating the next big thing. The actual program is free to download; but a registered version free of guilt-trip inducing reminders is available for only $10, and comes with script analysis tools to help you create a better, tighter, and hopefully more successful script.

2. ScreenForge [174KB |Shareware $45 |Win All/Mac] ScreenForge is another screenplay template for Word. ScreenForge differs in that it not only has templates for the main screenplay, but also for the cover page and the title/fly page. The formatting rules by which it has been laid out are taken from a number of respected books on the subject, so you know you're getting a good layout for your ideas and one that will make you look professional.

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