Friday, January 12, 2007

Artificial Sound Effects - Water

As stated in the earlier post, we will continue with the creation of artificial sound effects for filmmaking. Today, I have some water related sound effects for you:

  • Waves: Flap your hand slowly back and forth in a container full of water. Watch you dont wet the mike!
  • Falling into Water: Submerge an empty kam-jar upside down in a container of water. Then quickly lift it out.
  • Rowing Boat: A couple of little pieces of wood splashed into the water in the right rhythm give a good effect. An unoiled door hinge will effectively imitate the squeaking of the rowlocks.
  • Sea Waves: Put some rice in a cardboard box and slide it from one side to the other with the right sort of timing.
More artificial sound effects creation in the next post. Ciao!

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