Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Introduction to Digital Filmmaking Blog

Independent filmmakers often talk about owning every aspect of production - that is, having total control of a movie. These days, real ownership is a very real prospect. With much of the technology that was once the exclusive domain Hollywood studios and TV stations now packed in affordable camcorders, almost anyone can capture professional-looking image quickly and easily. In so doing, they can sidestep the costs and complexities that have prevented so many creative people from purchasing traditional film or video equipment.

If you're a first time filmmaker, it makes sense both economically and strategically to buy a digital camcorder - your most direct path to making movies. After all, why venture into the antiquated world of analog signals, with its legacy of add-on devices and problematic conversions - when you can keep your production simple and pristine.

In this blog, I am going to write down about a variety of digital filmmaking techniques, tips and tricks - including:
- choosing the right camera,
- creating a film look with digital video,
- effectively shooting "green-screen" effects using digital video,
- previewing and editing projects,
- using still images,
- perform batch captures and log footage - and much more.

You might find some digital filmmaking secrets which you wont find elsewhere, and these will definitely help you in your digital filmmaking career or hobby. You wont need to buy the digital filmmaking handbook series or the 101 budget digital essential filmmaking guide, I assure you.

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