Friday, August 24, 2007

Fullscreen Mode in FCP

It’s common knowledge that iMovie has fullscreen playback capabilities, but what about Final Cut Pro. This Tip will show you, (in 3 easy steps) how to go into fullscreen playback in FCP.

Step 1: First of all you will want to make sure that you’re selected on the timeline.

Step 2: Then go to View, Video Playback, and click on your designated display, (either a camera, internal or external display).

Step 3: Next, go back up to View, External Video, and click on All Frames (⌘F12). That’s it. You should now automatically be launched into fullscreen mode. To get out of fullscreen, just press the escape key.


Anonymous said...

I've been using this method for years and recently purchased the new Apple keyboard (the metal one with the low profile) Command F12 does not work anymore. Anyone not what to do?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo.

Anyone know what to do?


Anonymous said...

command, function key, F12

Midge said...

Hi People,

I am making a documentary which was shot on HD. It is going to be shown on the internet. How large will the image appear on the screen?

Next, when you are correcting the colour on your clips for the internet they look more saturated as a small image then it does when you have it on the screen at 100%.

Do you have to do the colour correcting again for the large screen?

Should I do my colour correcting on a TV monitor to see what it look like at larger image?


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