Saturday, May 12, 2007

Get Your Damaged Camcorder Repaired

I recently had a difficult time when my only camcorder - the Sony DSR-PD150, developed some snag. Actually its tape holder was causing the tapes too run either too slow or too fast, eventually damaging the recorded footage, so I gave it to the local Sony service station (its still under warranty) who returned it after a month! Its working fine now. But still, it too them a month....

But then I thought, what if the camcorder hadn't been under warranty period?

Getting it repaired then from Sony would have actually cost a bomb (at least for me!). This gave me an idea and I searched on the net for people who provide camcorder repair. I did manage to find a few good sites but I'm going to mention the one I found best.

Video One Repair has been providing repair services for Sony and Canon Prosumer camcorders since 1994. They offer the following advanatges:
  • offer free estimates within 2 business days
  • free return shipping even if you don't have your camcorder repaired.
  • 6 month guarantee on not just what was repaired but entire camcorder.
  • A toll free phone no. for technical support.
  • quick turnaroud time - most repairs are completed within one week.

They specialize in repairing professional Sony and Canon camcorders. In thier own words, "We are a camcorder repair shop that specializes in repairing Prosumer Sony and Canon camcorders." For more info, visit their online shop itself at!

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